Epic Star Wars lightsabers

Epic sabers


    Epic Sabers: Are a more exclusive option of KenJo Sabers. They have very detailed designs and are made from the highest quality materials. Epic lightsabers are a good choice for someone who wants a lightsaber which is visually very impressive but not based on a Star Wars character.

    The Epic Lightsaber collection from KenJo Sabers is designed for the true lightsaber fan looking for a unique and impressive light saber. This collection features some of the most detailed and complex designs from KenJo Sabers, with striking colors, custom engravings and intricate details this category offers sabers of the highest possible quality at a competitive price. These lightsabers are made of the trusted high quality you would expect from KenJo Sabers and crafted with a unique attention to detail. Every part of the saber is carefully designed and manufactured to ensure the best performance and durability. The handles often feature intricate visually stunning details such as cut lines, colors, plating and cutouts. Epic Sabers are manufactured using various machining and finishing processes, such as anodizing or powder coating, to create a unique look. Each saber from KenJo Sabers is made with a unique attention to detail. With the Epic Saber collection from KenJo Sabers, you are choosing a highly unique saber that is guaranteed to impress.