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    Lightsabers are much more than collectibles; they inspire fans all over the world. Whether you're a Jedi or immersed in the dark forces of the Sith, there are countless lightsabers to choose from that can help you express your love of Star Wars and make a unique addition to your collection and cosplay. Our recommended lightsabers are models that everyone will immediately fall in love with.

    From the iconic Mark - Two to the cool Menace. Anyone who takes a look at this category will immediately see why we recommend these high-quality lightsabers. With a sturdy aluminum alloy in various unique designs, you can identify with your favorite character from the Star Wars universe. In the packaging of your KenJo lightsaber you will find your lightsaber hilt (the handle), the sword blade, a charging cable, screws, an Allen key and of course a manual. You can also choose between a Neopixel lightsaber and an RGB baselit lightsaber. You can read exactly what the difference is between the two here .

    Create a lightsaber that perfectly suits you and your needs. Take on one of our unique featured lightsabers. What color saber will you use?