Free luxury lightsaber case and accessories as gift with every Legendary saber!!

Free lightsaber protective case and accessories valued over 150 euros as gift with all Legendary saber *

As the owner of a legendary saber, you are of course proud of your saber and we understand that you like to take it with you everywhere. Especially if this KenJo Saber is the crown jewel of your cosplay outfit, it will be a shame if it gets damaged!

To prevent your light saber from getting scratches during transport, all high-end legendary saber models are now delivered in a sturdy lightsaber protective case.

The luxury case offers space for no less than 2 lightsabers, sword blades and accessories such as a nice plug, display stand and spare parts

You will receive this protective case valued at 130 euros as a gift from us so that you no longer have to worry if you take your lightsaber somewhere!

As if that wasn't enough, you will also receive beautiful lightsaber accessories with every legendary lightsaber, what you get remains a surprise, you will automatically find these in your beautiful protective case!

On this picture you can see the high end saber carying case that comes as a gift with all KenJo Sabers from the Legendary category

*All Legendary sabers except Icon and Saberstaff