How is a lightsaber made

How a lightsaber is made

Making one's own lightsaber marks an important moment in a Padawan's life. Most Jedi make their lightsaber as soon as they complete their Jedi training. It symbolizes the transition from apprentice to Jedi. But how is such a lightsaber made and what parts does it consist of? We will tell you more about it in this blog.

Making a lightsaber

Everything starts with finding a Kyber crystal. This crystal can be found in remote and dangerous places such as the planet Ilum or the Jedha desert. The crystal chooses the Jedi, the Jedi must therefore have a strong connection to The Force to hear the crystal's call. The crystal and the Jedi are aligned. Other than the Kyber crystal, a lightsaber consists of:

  • the hilt (handle)
  • the diatium energy cell
  • emitter
  • lenses and focusing crystals

The Kyber crystal forms the heart of the lightsaber and can be found in a variety of colors. The diatium energy cell serves as an energy source that can activate the crystal on demand. Namely, when the Jedi presses the button in his hilt, the diatium energy cell sends energy to the crystal which turns on the laser.

The emitter at the back of the hilt allows the energy to flow away from the Kyber crystal. It serves as a kind of outlet. It also causes the plasma of the lightsaber to be directed in such a way that it takes on the recognizable shape of the lightsaber. The dimensions of this emitter help determine the strength and length of the lightsaber.

The lenses and focusing crystals also influence this. They shape and focus the light of the lightsaber. Thanks to these components, a focused and powerful energy beam is created. The lenses form the energy plasma coming out of the emitter and the focusing crystals help focus the energy.

The hilt is the handle in which the components are incorporated. It incorporates parts and elements that reflect the Jedi's personality, have symbolic meaning or meet specific needs. Jedi and Sith can design and customize their own hilt completely as they wish. Thus, a hilt can vary greatly in shape, size, material and feature additional functions.

A personal process

Making a lightsaber is a personal process, each part tailored to the Jedi making it. Therefore, symbolic and personal parts are often used in the hilt of the lightsaber. The shape, the size, the materials all serve the personal preferences and needs of the Jedi. Once the hilt is complete, the Kyber crystal can be placed. This permanently connects the crystal to the Jedi using it. In this process, the crystal is activated and the lightsaber can be used. The Jedi now begins the next part and continuous process of his career. Namely, he must now learn and master his own unique weapon. Making a lightsaber is not only a technical process, it is an emotional and spiritual journey for every Padawan.

A lightsaber is much more than just a powerful weapon. It is a part of the philosophy, beliefs and personality of the one who uses it. An iconic object and a symbol of the Force.

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