Lightsabers vs real weapons

Lightsabers versus real weapons

The lightsaber plays a very important role in the Star Wars universe. Not only is it a very powerful weapon, it also has great symbolic value. In this blog, we want to take you through our journey comparing the lightsaber to the weapons in our world. These are the similarities, differences, advantages and disadvantages.

Similarities between lightsabers and real weapons

- Impact

- Skill

- Defensiveness

The most obvious similarity, of course, is the lethality of both. Both lightsabers and also weapons from our world have tremendous impact. They are capable of causing severe damage to another person and even taking someone's life.

Another similarity is the necessary skills. Both lightsabers and real weapons require coordination and training to be effective and successful in combat.

Finally, both are capable of serving as a defense. It can be used to protect the user from attacks and defend themselves.

Differences between lightsabers and real weapons

- Energy/projectile

- Shape

- Risk

One of the most obvious differences between lightsabers and real weapons is the attack. This is because lightsabers use an energy blade, while real weapons fire projectiles (bullets, arrows, and the like). You can read more details about the technology behind lightsabers here:

Real weapons have physical structures such as guns, swords, and knives, while lightsabers have a hilt with an energy blade projected from the hilt. They use an energy source ( from power cells and crystals).

Unlike real weapons, where the user can stay away from the dangerous part of the weapon, a lightsaber also poses a risk to the user himself. Lightsabers also pose a direct danger to the user, even when used correctly.

But there are other advantages and disadvantages associated with lightsabers such as:

+ Unlimited ammunition

- Less precision

+ Versatility (attack, defend, cut, etc.)

- Limited range

+ Aura & symbolism

- Energy can run out

Consequently, many fans dream of being able to use a real lightsaber. Over the years, there have therefore been several attempts to create a functioning lightsaber. According to Dr. Christopher Baird of West Texas A&M University, it is possible to create a sword-shaped, glowing plasma floating in the air without a container possibly using strong magnetic fields. But to create such magnetic fields (which are so strong and finely tuned), you need big, bulky equipment that won't fit in the handle of a lightsaber.

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