More about Ahsoka's Lightsabers

More about Ahsoka's Lightsabers

Ahsoka Tano is one of the most well-known and beloved characters. She is known for several impressive moments and powerful personal traits. One of the reasons she gained fame are her dual white lightsabers. The journey Ahsoka and the lightsabers have is deeply and symbolically woven into her journey as a Jedi and the development she is going through.

Ahsoka's lightsabers

We got to know Ahsoka as Anakin Skywalker's Padawan in "The Clone Wars." At that time, she used single blade green-blue lightsabers. She was loyal to the Jedi Order and began her training like everyone else. This lightsaber symbolized her status as a young Jedi apprentice.

In the period that followed, a series of drastic events happened that led to a break with the Jedi Order. Including the false accusation of an attack on the Jedi Temple. She left behind her green-and-blue lightsaber. And became a Fulcrum. On Onderon, she met the Mandalorian rebel group "Death Watch." From one of its members she received Kyber Crystals with which she could design her new lightsabers.

At that time, she became more independent and developed her own identity more and more. The white lightsabers reflect this. The color white symbolizes (spiritual) purity, impartiality and balance. Ahsoka is a Jedi but wanted to stand against the dogmatic thoughts and attitudes of the Order. For Ahsoka herself, her white lightsabers symbolize her dedication to "doing good" without adhering to strict rules. Ahsoka is a Jedi who makes her own choices and walks her own path.

Ahsoka's fighting style

The fighting style Ahsoka employs with her dual lightsabers is characteristic of her character. She is fast and agile and knows how to use her lightsabers effectively in her fights. In her way of fighting, clear influences from her teacher can be seen. Anakin Skywalker himself is also very skilled in his lightsaber skills.

Ahsoka has become a role model for many fans. Her growth, independence and strong moral integrity are inspiration to many. As such, the story of her character is far from being told, following her appearance in the various series. Including her own eponymous series. Ahsoka Tano's evolution into an independent Jedi is reflected in the white lightsabers. They are now an iconic symbol representing Ahsoka's unique journey and personality.

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