The difference between Premium, Rare, Epic and Legendary Sabers

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The difference between Premium, Rare, Epic and Legendary Sabers

The extensive KenJo Sabers assortment includes a variety of lightsabers. Each saber is made of high-quality materials and is designed to best suit your lightsaber needs and desires. With the different lightsabers from our assortment, you will take your cosplay to a new level. But what exactly is the difference between the Premium, Rare, Epic and Legendary Sabers from the Kenjo Saber range? In this blog, we will explain.

The KenJo Sabers Premium lightsabers.

The Premium lightsabers collection is ideal as entry-level lightsabers . They were designed specifically for the novice Jedi/Sith cosplayer. This collection consists of our most affordable lightsaber models. Each of them are unique designs. Classic and simple designs for any duelist or novice cosplayer. With these affordable lightsabers you have a high quality lightsaber entry level model.

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The KenJo Sabers Rare lightsabers.

Next on the ladder are the rare lightsabers. These lightsabers are also made of high-quality materials, however, their design is more intricate. This makes them just a little more unique than the premium lightsabers. Furthermore, these sabers are slightly sturdier thanks to the aluminum alloy. These Rare lightsabers will give your cosplay even more detail and excitement. They are inspired by famous people from the universe far away and feature a little more detail than the Premium lightsabers.

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The Kenjo Sabers Epic Sabers

The epic lightsabers in our collection feature great detail and impressive quality. Only the highest quality materials have been used during the manufacture of these lightsabers. The designs of these sabers are exceptionally unique and not based on existing characters of the Star Wars universe. Highly detailed and complex designs adorn this collection. As such, they feature custom engravings and intricate details. These lightsabers are suitable for people who want to stand out with their attention to detail and exclusivity. Choose lightsabers that impress, choose Epic Sabers!

The KenJo Sabers Legendary Sabers

Now to the showpieces of the KenJo Sabers range, the legendary lightsabers. The most exclusive lightsabers can be found here. The collection consists of lightsabers with designs inspired by well-known and widely loved characters from the Star Wars universe. By this we mean not only the movies, but also the series and the games. They are lightsabers that every fan dreams of. Now you too can get your hands on such a lightsaber and personalize it completely to your liking with your own soundboard. With one of these Legendary Sabers you can instantly become your beloved character and nothing will stand in the way of your cosplay.

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These are the main main categories from the KenJo Saber lightsaber range. Do you need to pay even more attention to your budget? Then don't forget to also take a look at the KenJo Sabers Super Sale section. There you will find lightsabers that are extra competitively priced. These may be demo models, sabers with minor damage or a clearance item. Check them all out in the Kenjo Saber webshop!