What colors of lightsaber are there, what do they mean and which one suits me best?

Lightsabers come in different colors, but what do these colors actually mean?

Lightsabers come in different sizes and shapes, so we know light sabers with a thin neck, think of sabers like Luke Skywalker or Obi-Wan Kenobi, small sabers like those of Yoda or just the double light saber known from Darth Maul.

In addition to the well-known lightsabers of the Jedi and Sith, there is one with a unique color and action, it is better known as "The Darksaber". Unlike the other "normal" lightsabers, only one of this one exists! This Dark Saber was created by Tarre Vizla, the first Mandalorian ever allowed to join the Jedi Order.

On this image you can see The Mandalorian with The Darksaber and in the background you can see Tarre Vizsla and Sabine Wren

So in addition to knowing different models, we also see different colors of sword blades recurring in a galaxy far far away. For example, the sword blade of the dark sword mentioned above is quite appropriately black.

Op deze foto zijn verschillende kleuren Kyber kristallen te zien

The thing that gives a light saber its power is a kyber crystal, obtaining such a crystal is an important part of the training of the Jedi younglings before they can attain the rank of Padawan. They are sent on a quest in an ice cave on the planet Ilum. This cave opens at certain times only by the power of the sun, once open the younlings have time to get their crystal. Not every youngling comes out of here safely, once the sun goes down the ice of the cave grows closed again and the younglings still inside are lost....

De Jedi younglings staan bij de entree van de Jedi Temple op de planeet Ilum

Many Jedi have a blue lit lightsaber, however we also know other colors such as Purple from Mace Windu, Red is known from Sith lords like Darth Vader and Emperor Palpetine or white like Ahsoka Tano's sabers.

The most common colors are blue, green and red. Nevertheless, the different colors of the lightsaber(s) have meaning and represent certain character traits!

We can see multiple different collored lightsaber blades on this image


Justice and protection, mainly Jedi knights fighting for the light side, are highly skilled in the use of lightsabers and mainly connected to the force on a physical level.


Peace and one with the force, favored by Jedi who prefer peaceful solutions to fighting. These Jedi often have a strong connection to the Force and this is often reflected in the use of more force tricks than fighting with a lightsaber.


Force and darkness. Used by Sith and evil Jedi to distinguish themselves from the light side. To give a kyber crystal the color red, a process called "bleeding" is used. The crystal is fed hate, fear and anger via the force until it yields to the dark side.


Integrity and determination. Users of a yellow lightsaber are often less connected to the force and focus more on learning useful info and practical skills. In addition, they often work in secret. For example, yellow is used by the Jedi Temple guard whose mission is to destroy the dark side.


Ambiguous and aggressive. Characterized by Jedi who are strong in both the Dark and Light sides of the Force and can use powers from both sides without being affected.


An orange lightsaber is rare in the Star Wars universe. This color symbolizes strength, knowledge, leadership and wisdom. The users of this lightsaber are familiar with both sides of the force and have chosen not to devote themselves to either side, often have a solitary existence and follow a unique path.


Integrity, neutrality and purpose. You get a white lightsaber when an evil/red kyber crystal is "healed" and returned to the light side. For example, Ahsoka took 2 red kyber crystals from the sixth brother, an imperial inquisitor, by defeating him in a duel on Raada.


There is currently only 1 known lightsaber with a black blade, this is the darksaber. The dark saber is unique, not only because only one of it exists but also because the dark saber has its own will. The saber can only be obtained by defeating the previous owner in battle. If the dark saber is obtained by any other means, the saber will not listen to the new owner. The well-known myth about this sword states that he/she who holds this sword is the rightful leader of all of Mandalore.

There are also cases where two colors come together to form a new color, for example, the color indigo is a mix between blue and purple. Thus, the user of an indigo lightsaber has characteristics of both blue and purple saber users.

There are also sabers where the intensity has decreased, take for example a light blue lightsaber. This indicates that the owner of this sword is losing his grip on the force, due to age or pursuing other ideals, for example.

Which color lightsaber suits you best and why?