Cal Kestis inspired lightsabers

Cal Kestis inspired lightsabers


    Follow in the footsteps of Cal Kestis and embrace your inner Jedi with the Phoenix line of KenJo Sabers. Discover the ultimate lightsaber experience that takes you to a "galaxy far far away" Whether you're an avid collector or want to take your Jedi skills to the next level, you'll find what you're looking for with us.

    Phoenix sabers are inspired by Cal Kestis and offer a wide range of options to suit your needs. Whether you prefer the traditional look, challenge yourself with the single or dual wield or want to master the mastery of a saber staff, we have the perfect lightsaber for you.

    What makes our sabers truly stand out is their unparalleled quality. Every detail is carefully crafted to provide a durable and authentic product that will last your Jedi journey. At KenJo Sabers, we believe in providing only the very best for our customers.

    Additionally, all of our sabers offer multiple soundboard options, including the baselit for a classic experience, the premium neopixel for breathtaking light and sound effects, and even the premium neopixel with bluetooth (Xenopixel v3 bluetooth) for enhanced connectivity and customization options.

    Choose KenJo Sabers and let the Force be with you during your epic adventures in the vast Star Wars universe. Explore the capabilities of the Phoenix line and discover the ultimate combination of quality, authenticity and personalization. Go beyond your imagination and experience the power of the Jedi with KenJo Sabers.

    Wait no longer, make your choice today and join the order of the Jedi with the Phoenix sabers from KenJo Sabers.