KenJo Sabers Standard Neopixel Manual

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  1. Remove the plastic cap from the sword blade and then carefully slide it through the top into the handle until it meets the pins. The idea is that the sword blade pushes the pins in a little bit.
  2. Now screw the included flat Allen screws through the screw holes at the top of the handle with the Allen wrench to firmly clamp the sword blade in place. They do not need to be inserted! The other pointed and blunt screws are spare here you do not need to do anything with them.
  3. The Allen screws should be fixed straight into the handle and without resistance.

When reassembling, make sure that the Allen screws do not block the blade on the inside of the handle.


Charge the saber for at least two hours before use. Do not turn on the saber while it is charging. A 1A / 5V charger should be used for charging. If the saber has been completely empty charge for at least 4 hours.

Charging with cable: Plug the cable into the charging port. The light ring will flash slowly. When the saber is fully charged the light ring will extinguish or the saber will say "ready". On some legendary sabers the charging port is hidden away this is usually located at the bottom inside the saber.

Charging with separate battery charger: Unscrew the two parts of the saber (leave all screws in place) and remove the battery to insert it into the charger.

Turning on

When the saber is in standby (the button lights and the sword blade does not light) press the button on the handle once. If the button does not light the saber is off and the button must be pressed for about three seconds to turn the saber on.


When the saber is on (sword blade is glowing): hold down the glowing button until the saber turns off (about three seconds), the saber now goes into standby mode. Hold the button longer to turn it off completely.


Each KenJo Saber has different volumes and a silent/mute mode. Standard neopixel sabers have two different modes. Mute and sound on.

To change the volume the saber must be on standby. Hold the button down until the light flashes once, then release. There will now be a voice confirmation.

Repeat this process to change between volume and mute modes.

Operating with button from standby mode.
If the saber is completely off, first press and hold the button until a voice confirmation follows and/or the luminous button, if present, comes on. The saber is now in standby mode.

Hold down the button until the illumination flashes the number of times described. No illuminated button? Then the number of blinks listed are number of seconds pressed.
0 - Briefly press the button to turn the saber on.
1 - Adjust volume (silent / low / high).
2 - Start up style switching (8 start up styles)
3 - Blade style switching (stable, unstable, pulse, ghost, cross, infinity, wave, rainbow, fire)
4 - Switch between 16 sound types.

If the saber is not used for more than 20 minutes it will automatically turn off.

Control with button while the saber is on.
Press and hold the button until the illuminator flashes the number of times described. No illuminated button? Said number of flashes are then number of seconds pressed.

0 - Short press for blaster block.
1 - Lightning / force loop.
2 - Color change.
3 - Flash on clash on / off
4 - Saber back to standby mode.

Press and hold button for approximately 20 seconds to turn saber off completely.

Motion control from standby mode:
1. Turn saber on and/or off: Point the saber in any direction and turn it a quarter turn to the right and quickly back.
2. Turn background music on / off: Point the saber down, hold down, and turn it a quarter turn to the left and quickly back.
3: Change sound type. Point the saber upward, hold the knob down, and turn it a quarter turn to the left and back quickly.

Motion controls when the saber is on:
1. Change color: Point the saber downward, hold down & turn a quarter turn to the left & quickly back. Repeat to keep changing colors.
2. Tip drag/melt effect:
Option 1: Press the button & hit the saber or sword.
Option 2: Press the button and stab the saber forward.
3. Special effect / force push: Point the saber upward, hold the button down & turn a quarter turn left or right & quickly back.

Watch the video below where all the above functions are explained and shown again:

Using Bluetooth app (Android only):

Scan the following QR code with your phone to download the app:

Bluetooth lightsaber app download SN4

In the app, you can easily pair your saber. Click on the bluetooth button and scan to find your lightsaber.

In the menu control you can control the basic functions like start up style, blade style, color etc of the saber.

Adjust motion control sensitivity and functions: In the "control" menu click on "set params" at the bottom right to enable or disable on/off functions and adjust the sensitivity of the sensor for certain functions

Custom adjustments via bluetooth:

It is possible to create new presets or configure blade styles, start up styles, timing and much more via the bluetooth app. This can be done via "new". Press the sent icon to send the custom setting. A detailed video tutorial on how to self-configure customizations will follow here soon.

CAUTION: Given the large amount of options and complexity of these, we recommend waiting until the video instruction for doing custom adjustments is ready and uploaded here.

If the new settings mean your saber no longer works the way you want it to, click "more" in the lower right corner and reset the saber to factory settings.


    If you have questions or encounter unexpected problems with the KenJo Saber in any form? Look for instruction movies and answers to frequently asked questions on or

    If your question is not listed here or if you want to make use of the legal warranty please contact us and we will take care of a quick and adequate service to solve the problem. This can be done via or via the chat function on Please include your order number so we can take a quick look.


    - The KenJo Saber is not suitable for children under the age of 14. Children over the age of 14 should play with the KenJo Saber under adult supervision.

    - Use KenJo Sabers safely and responsibly.

    - This product cannot withstand water.

    - Do not turn on this product while it is charging.

    - Do not disassemble or open this product yourself, otherwise it will void the warranty.

    - Do not leave this product on or charging unattended.

    - This product is not suitable for use as a permanent light source.

    - KenJo Sabers is not liable for any damage and/or injury caused by not following warnings.

    - Do not expose the saber to open flame or indirect heat.

    - Contains small parts, keep away from children and store safely due to choking hazard.

    - This product should not be placed in the trash and should be recycled.

    - Do not leave the saber on unattended.

    - This product cannot be washed or microwaved.

    - KenJo Sabers is not liable for any damage and/or injury caused by not following warnings.

    - Do not use (fast) chargers with an output higher than 1A/5V.

    FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

    On this page you will find links to online manuals and instructional videos for your saber.

    RGB Baselit Manual 1 (hyperlink)

    Silverlight, Dawnbreaker, Discipulis, Eclipse, Trinity, Masamune, Resolute, Guardian,

    RGB Baselit Manual 2 (hyperlink)

    Menace, Elegance, Kyberfighter, Lunar, Knighthood, all legendary sabers

    Standard neopixel Manual (hyperlink)

    If you have chosen a saber with a standard neopixel soundboard then regardless of which saber it is you will find the instructions here.

    Premium Neopixel Manual (hyperlink)

    Have you chosen a saber with a premium neopixel soundboard then you will find independent of which saber it is here the instructions.

    Proffi Manual (hyperlink)

    Have you chosen a saber with a Proffi 2.2 soundboard then you will find independent of which saber it is here the instructions.

    If you have problems with your KenJo Saber we would like to solve it for you. On the troubleshoot page we answer the most frequently asked questions or common complications with corresponding solutions. We recommend that you review this troubleshoot page first. Does this not solve the problem? Please contact us by chat or email. Always mention your order number so we can take a quick look.

    Base lit models feature a bright 12 watt bulb in the handle. This shines into the sword and causes the lightsaber to light up.

    Neopixel and Proffie have a sword which is equipped with a double-sided LED strip along the entire length of the inside. This ensures that the light is much brighter than a base lit variant and also offers more lighting effect possibilities.

    All soundboard types come with preset sounds and colors. The proffie variant comes with a 16GB SD card. On various forums you can find many sound effects and light effects to upload.

    Below is an overview of the different soundboards offered by KenJo Sabers.

    For a more detailed explanation of the various functions, we recommend reading this page first,

    Most orders ship the same day! For current and complete shipping policies, please visit our shipping policies page:

    The operation of your saber varies by soundboard type and in some cases also minimally between certain models. On this page you can find the appropriate manual based on your saber or soundboard type. In many cases the explanation is extended with video for extra explanation and demonstration.

    Remove the black or clear cap from the flat side of the saber. Then carefully slide the blade/sword or plug into the handle until it meets the bulb. With a neopixel model, it is important that the pins are pushed down sufficiently. Make sure that the Allen screws do not block the blade on the inside of the handle. Then use the supplied Allen screws and Allen wrench to tighten the blade firmly into the handle. Also watch the instructional video on the troubleshoot page here

    You bet! All of our swords are made of durable polycarbonate developed for lightsaber versus lightsaber duels. Always use common sense and be careful. We recommend wearing protective clothing and making sure you have enough space so there is no damage to the environment or other people.

    Please note that RGB base lit lightsabers are best suited for dueling. Other soundboard type lightsabers have an LED strip in the sword which makes them heavier and more fragile. These models can also be dueled with, but we recommend soft to medium dueling to avoid damage.

    KenJo Sabers come standard with 12 different preset colors. The colors can be easily changed by using the button on the lightsaber. It is also possible to choose your own color by letting the lightsaber slowly change color. Exact instructions can be found in the manual which comes with each lightsaber. Some models have different colors of handles / hilts. On the product page you can see in which color a lightsaber is available. If the model you want is sold out, we do not have it in stock. Would you still like to buy it or do you have another wish? If so, please let us know. It is often possible to facilitate a saber specifically for you.

    I have seen a lightsaber replica of a Star Wars character somewhere else. Or, I'm looking for a specific lightsaber.

    Each lightsaber from KenJo Sabers comes with a manual. This contains all the instructions on how the lightsaber works! Online you can find the most recent version Please note. Features may be added. If your saber has been around for a while, there may be more features described than your saber has.

    Each lightsaber from KenJo Sabers comes with a manual. This contains all the instructions on how the lightsaber works! Online you can find the most recent version Please note. Features may be added. Has your saber been around for a while? Then there may be more features described than your saber has. If you have a premium neopixel saber then you can update it yourself.

    The USB flash drive has an input for a Micro SD card. This card is inside the Premium Neopixel board. It is possible to update the board this way.

    Each lightsaber from KenJo Sabers comes with a manual. This contains all the instructions on how the lightsaber works! Online you can find the most recent version The Proffie soundboard allows you to set your own effects, sound types and other effects. The possibilities are endless. Also check out for information and settings for your Proffie board. Please note that because the Proffie 2.2 soundboard is fully customizable it does require a bit more time, your own research and computer skills to master. Plenty of tutorials can be found on various forums and Youtube.

    To create a dualsaber, you need two lightsabers that are designated "dualsaber ready" and a connector ring. To connect both sabers, unscrew the bottom of both lightsabers. The connector ring can now be connected to both lightsabers through the thread.

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