Ezra Bridger's journey

Life is not black and white and no choice has to be final. This is evident again in the story of Ezra from Star Wars Rebels. Experience more about him and his lightsabers in this blog.

Ezra Bridger

Ezra is a young street boy on Lothal. After joining the crew of Kanan Jarrus (a former Jedi), Ezra soon discovers that he is Force-sensitive. Along with Kanan and the rest of his crew, Ezra begins his training and develops his own innovative lightsaber.

Ezra must face powerful and feared opponents such as The Inquisitors and Darth Vader. Like many before him who start their training later in life, Ezra is susceptible to the influences of the dark side. In this, he is additionally tempted when he encounters Darth Maul. In the final season, we see how he comes into possession of a Sith Holocron. This one he manages to open together with Darth Maul.

At the end of the series we see how Ezra and Grand Admiral Thrawn disappear into Hyperspace through whale-like creatures (Purrgils). In Series Ahsoka, however, we see Ezra return and his story continues.

The lightsabers of Ezra

Ezra's first lightsaber: At 15, Ezra built his first lightsaber. It was an unprecedented design that not only had a lightsaber blade but also possessed a blaster component. This enabled him to not only wage sword fights but also fire fights. This allowed him to defend himself without having to directly reveal who he was. The design is functional and unobtrusive. It is a weapon that at first glance would be mistaken for a lightsaber. The lightsaber was created using parts from the various crew members. It is an iconic design that immediately stands out thanks to the extra construction around the hilt. The top of this saber blaster is green. This part contains the blaster mode of his lightsaber. It possessed a blue kyber crystal, giving the lightsaber the distinctive blue color of a young Jedi.

Now take a look at Ezra's lightsaber-inspired saber:

Ezra' s second lightsaber: His original lightsaber was destroyed during the confrontation with Darth Vader on Malachor, forcing Ezra to create a new lightsaber. The second lightsaber was a lightsaber with a green blade and a black grip. Unlike his first sword, this one took on a more traditional appearance. However, it was in his possession for a fairly short time and eventually gave it to his good friend and crew member Sabine Wren just before he boarded the Chimaera to turn himself in. Sabine used the lightsaber during her own training, keeping most of the design and making only minor modifications. Ezra's second lightsaber is therefore known as Sabine Wren's lightsaber.

Check out Ezra's and Sabine Wren lightsaber inspired saber now:

Ezra'a third lightsaber: With the help of the droid professor Huyang built a third lightsaber with a blue blade. The lightsaber is very similar in its design to that of his former master Kanan Jarrus. It was a deliberate tribute to him. He used the same type of emitter cloak he received from Huyang. The droid had kept it in case his master ever needed a replacement. The lightsaber was hastily built aboard Ahsoka's ship which, thanks to Huyang, had all the necessary components on board.

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